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Friday, September 30, 2022
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The climate in Australia is varied and ranges from tropical to sub-alpine.

Australia is also the driest inhabited continent on earth, but the eastern seaboard where the majority of the population is concentrated, is a lush and fertile area, with a climate ranging from temperate to tropical. The main mountain range is known as the Great Dividing Range or Eastern Highlands. This long mountain chain separates the green eastern seaboard from the barren Outback. The southern end of the Great Dividing Range has an area known as the Snowy Mountains, or otherwise known as the the Australian Alps. This area is the only area suitable for skiing in Australia. Australia also contains many pockets of tropical and temperate rain forest on the eastern coast, but the predominate forest type in Australia is composed of Eucalypts, or 'gum' trees.

The south west corner of Western Australia has a Mediterranean climate and the Northern regions of this continent have areas of rainforest and below that are large areas of savanna grasslands.

Tasmania the island state in the south has large areas of temperate wilderness and steep mountains.

The vast interior of Australia is known as the Outback. The Outback is the name given to the vast deserts in the centre of the Australian continent. In certain areas the deserts extend right to the coastline. However it is very hard to define exactly where the Outback starts and finishes. Most people define this area as a feeling rather than a physical location. When you have travelled for hundreds of miles from civilisation, and when you realise that you are in the middle of nowhere, or you are just struck with awe at the sheer size and emptiness of the landscape, then you know that you are in the Outback. The Outback is extremely hot and dry and for this reason and also becuase of the very small population, you need to be prepared if you venture into the Outback. Travellers are expected to notify the authorities when making such trips and it is also wise to carry spare petrol and water in case you break down.

But the Outback for all its dangers has a rugged beauty about it and it is a great experience to be so far away from civilisation and a great chance to hear yourself think.

Australia is also the oldest landmass on earth and (with the exception of island state of Tasmania) is the most eroded of all continents. This continent is stable with few major fault lines. This means that Australia lacks high mountains such as may be found in neighbouring New Zealand. However all the eons of erosion have formed some of the strangest geographical features on earth, such as Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory, or the Bungle Bungles Mountains, and The Pinnacles of Western Australia.

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