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Job Ref: SPE 1458

Category: Administration

Country: Marshall Islands

Location: Majuro

Position: Project Assistant

Salary: On Application

Job Description:


Do you want to help save lives and property by being part of a dynamic team assisting the Republic of the Marshall Islands to be prepared for future natural disasters?

IOM is seeking a highly skilled and energetic Project Assistant to join the team in implementing a disaster mitigation, relief and reconstruction program funded by the United States Government.


Position Title : Program Assistant – RMI Duty Station : Majuro Satellite Project Outpost, Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Classification : Special, G4 - G5 Type of Appointment: 9-months, including 3 months of probation.

General functions

Under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator (Temporally located in Majuro) the successful candidate is responsible for assisting the Project Coordinator in the implementation and monitoring of all activities related to IOM activities in the islands of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

In particular the candidate will:

• Be responsible for all local-level activities and coordination with local authorities in Majuro and other islands of RMI. • Establish an inventory management system and maintain records of the goods received, stored and dispatched to/from the warehouse. Ensure the accurate and transparent processes are adhered to. • Ensure that all IOM standard documentation (e.g. waybills, receiving reports, incoming and outgoing requests, etc), which form part of the Standard Operating Procedures for warehouse storage and distribution operations, are well prepared and completed accurately • Assist support staff in Manila regional office and other offices, by facilitating the shipment of goods to RMI; ensuring that all customs and transportation processes are streamlined. . Ensure that sufficient labour is available, when needed to facilitate movement of any incoming and outgoing goods/assets at the warehouse. Also ensure that all warehouse staff comply with minimum standards of Occupational Health and Safety. • Ensure that quality control procedures are clearly understood and implemented on the receipt of goods. • Make regular inspections of conditions at the warehouse and stored goods, ensuring security, safety and conduct maintenance of the equipment when required. • When necessary, at the request of the Project Coordinator assist other agencies in the provision of warehouse space for temporary storing of goods, prior to final distribution of the goods to the beneficiaries. • Perform regular physical stocktaking of the assets stored at the warehouse to ensure that actual number corresponds with the records in the database. Report any anomalies immediately to the Project Coordinator and consistent with IOM Standard Operating Procedures. • Receive and assist guests and visitors when directed by the Project Coordinator and arrange official meetings with relevant stakeholders and counterparts. • Coordinate with the administrative staff at the Head Office for IOM Micronesia in to ensure accurate and timely operational and financial tracking and monitoring of specific local-level project related activities in RMI. • Assist in carrying out the administrative requirements of project activities in RMI, including filing of project related local-level information and collation activities as required. • Coordinate with administrative staff at Head Office for Micronesia regarding project related appointments to enable them to maintain project calendars and coordinate site visits by the Project Coordinator. • Set-up a database to contain names, addresses, and telephone numbers of local-level project contacts and counterparts in Majuro Islands. • At the directive of the Project Coordinator, arrange project-related meetings in RMI and take minutes of meetings whenever required. • Assist in the development and submission of reports • Coordinate travel arrangements and modalities for project staff. • Coordinate with fleet management for drivers making deliveries to the warehouse or picking up relief items • Conduct field assessments where necessary to ensure goods can be delivered to the predetermined location within the specified time using existing resources. • At the request of the Department Manager or HO, participate in staff development and training processes • Act with integrity and professionalism and in accordance with IOM’s Code of Conduct, at all times • Be prepared to undertake duty travel in support of the project and undertake other duties as assigned by the Project Coordinator

Desirable qualifications:

A University degree in Social Science, Business Administration, Management, Engineering or alternatively a combination of relevant education and experience in this field.

At least 1 year of experience in a mid-level management position and a total of at least 3 years working experience. Experience working with an international organization is advantageous.

Ability to supervise daily material quality, quantity and distribution; and managing delivery schedules and the distribution of goods when required.

Be willing to learn how to maintain equipment, to minimize corrosion and deterioration.

Must have good people management skills, the ability to coordinate the work flow of at least 10 people during an emergency situation while having the ability to work independently on a day-to-day basis.

Ability to prepare clear and concise reports and a high level of computer literacy.

Personal commitment, efficiency, flexibility, drive for results, respect for diversity, creative thinking.

Ability to work effectively and harmoniously with colleagues from varied cultures and professional background.

Able to work under tight timeframes and during weekends and overtime, when required.


A thorough knowledge of oral and written forms of English and oral forms of Marshallese languages is mandatory.

TO APPLY: Interested person must post, hand-deliver or email a resume and a letter of interest indicating the position title and position reference number to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) no later than 10 June, 2009.

Email to:

Hand-delivery or mail to:

International Organization for Migration c/o Long Island Hotel Lagoon Side Majuro, MH 96960 Marshall Islands

Listing Date: June 08, 2009

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