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Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Job Ref: SPE 1987

Category: Health Care

Country: Papua New Guinea

Location: Port Moresby

Position: Sales Executive

Salary: 1500 Kina - 2500 Kina

Job Description:

Positions - 04 Experience - 1-3 years of relevant exp. required in healthcare. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Market Management and Sales Analytics 0 Identify target markets in accordance with organizational strategy utilizing familiarity with hospital operations and existing reporting, tools and dashboards. 0 Evaluate and interpret market utilization data and market demographics, including market share data for primary or secondary facility service lines, ensuring that sales priorities are identified for both physicians and patient populations. 0 Interpret current physician referral patterns, trends, and financial margins, ensuring that sales resources are optimized. 0 Develop sales and retention strategies for target markets and facility service lines. o Goals and timelines for closing new or enhanced physician referrals o Goals and timelines for growing referral volumes based on new or established physician and outreach relationships 0 Conduct pre and post call planning maintaining and utilizing CRM system. Sales Leadership/ Business Development/ Relationship Management 0 Facilitate the retention of physician, referring hospital and community relationships. 0 Complete face-to-face sales meetings with physicians, schedulers, practice managers, and medical staff from referring hospitals to ensure understanding, as well as to close business, ensuring that obstacles are identified and minimized. 0 Effectively manage territory, conducting office visits to include: o Education on services offered, enhancement and new advances o Maintaining image (community-centered, patient-first, leading-edge provider) o Offering excellent customer service o Implementing new products/services/ protocols o Communicating opportunities, market trends, and issues to appropriate management/staff in a timely manner.

Physician Liaison/ Hospital Communications * Prepare and present opportunities, market trends, and challenges to appropriate leadership/staff in a timely manner and on a regular basis, gaining support and commitment as needed. * Coordinate meetings between key staff, physician groups, and external customer groups to improve communication and relationships in order to increase referrals or resolve customer service issues.

Listing Date: October 13, 2014

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