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Friday, September 30, 2022
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The population of Vanuatu is about 190,000; with 94% (the Ni-Vanuatu) being indigenous Melanesian. The remaining 6% comprises Europeans, Vietnamese, Chinese and other Pacific Islanders.


As a result of Vanuatu's dual Colonial past, English and French are the official languages, along with bislama, a pidgin language, based on English, that is understood by almost everyone. There are also over 115 different dialects spoken within the islands.

Only 61% of children reach class five level at primary school and only 20% go on to high school. This is due to the high cost of education in this country and also to the fact that children in remote, rural areas do not have easy access to schools.

Like many Pacific Island nations, Vanuatu's missionary past has resulted in a mostly Christian population. The main denominations are Anglican, Catholic and Presbyterian. There is, however, a small percentage (around 8%) who still follow indigenous beliefs, based on animist principles.

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