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Friday, September 30, 2022
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Vanuatu is situated in the western region of the South Pacific, some 2,250 kilometres north-east of Sydney, Australia, and 800 kilometres west of Fiji. The total land area is approximately 14,700 square kilometres.

The total number of islands in the Vanuatu group is 83, of which there are twelve main islands, the largest being Espiritu Santo.

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  • Electricity runs at 220-230 volts AC, with three-point plugs.
  • Vanuatu is situated west of the International Dateline, and some eleven hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. It is 16 hours ahead of New York.
  • The local currency is the Vatu. For the latest currency exchange rate, Currency Converter.
  • The capital city is Port Vila, with almost 20,000 people. It is situated on the island of Éfaté.
  • Major exports are tourism, copra, cocoa, hardwood timber, beef and coffee, fish and fish products. Small-scale agriculture, which provides a living for 65% of the population, forms the basis of the economy. The International Companies Act in 1993 made Vanuatu one of the most attractive and competitive offshore financial centres in the world. There is no income tax, and tax revenues come mainly from import duties and goods and services tax.
  • There are 1070 kilometres of roads, 256 of which are paved (sealed). Most roads are on the perimeter of the islands.

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